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  1. another one down:
  2. hey

    fuck you
  3. another elite diary completed:
  4. 120 battlestaves babyyyy
  5. day 2 and the final goal complete: can finish lumbridge, varrock, and eventually ardy elite
  6. also what i listen to while i grind:
  7. 78-83 smithing 1 sitting. okay past my bedtime gn
  8. also 2 light frames and a ballista limbs + spring...
  9. don't know but anthony figured it out:
  10. swag welcome
  11. same all i found is this deepfake crap
  12. um link? @Falco
  13. my gurl gibbi goddamn lookin good as ever with that choker
  14. holy crap lmao highest quality topic i've seen. ct dead af